Qurban Project: Battle of the Spare Change

2 August 2018
Qurban Project: Battle of the Spare Change

We wish to welcome our community to contribute to this year’s Qurban Project, put together by the Peace Club (Al Siraat students) & Kadir Ors Foundation. Now is the perfect time to be generous and charitable with our wealth and seek Allah’s blessings.

Please support us by making a donation using the money boxes placed in each of your children’s classes and located areas around the College. Students will be encouraged to make small contributions with their spare change and pocket money. You can also bank money directly into the account provided especially if you are wishing to donate a whole Qurban. This is a beautiful opportunity to educate our children to learn and practice giving. There will be some activities in the junior classrooms leading up to Qurban.

May Allah Subhanahu wa Teala reward you generously for your contributions.

  • Gulhan Yoldas Community Engagement Facilitator Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Gulhan Gulhan Yoldas