Ramadan Mubarak

13 April 2021
Ramadan Mubarak

Al Siraat College would like to wish all our students, parents, staff and the wider community a blessed, healthy and peaceful month of Ramadan: Four weeks of mercy, 30 days of worship, 720 hours of spirituality; 43,200 minutes of forgiveness and 2,592,000 seconds of happiness lie ahead of us.

Reflecting upon how we all spent last year’s Ramadan in lockdown, there is an even greater joy and gratitude in our hearts for being able to come together as one community to pray and break our fast each night. Alhamdulillah!

May we all benefit from this sacred month, find peace inside our hearts and minds and be grateful to Allah for allowing us to witness another Ramadan. As always, please remember each other in your daily du'as.

Ramadan Mubarak, Ramadan Kareem!