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  • Year 11 VCE Food Studies Excursion

    2 March 2023

    Our VCE Year 11 students were in for a very special excursion treat, investigating China’s traditional cuisine and history as part of their Unit 1 Food Studies: Students went to "Bowltiful – Halal Lanzhou Beef Noodles" in the CBD where they learnt about the origin and ancient art of these hand-pulled noodles. Our students learnt that the… Read more

    Year 11 VCE Food Studies Excursion
  • New Students' Morning Tea Session

    2 March 2023

    All new Secondary students in Years 7 to 12 were treated to a morning tea last week as part of our Pastoral and Wellbeing Program. The morning tea sessions were an opportunity for coordinators to share some yummy snacks with new students whilst checking in with them. Our goal is to ensure all new students have settled in well, developed… Read more

    New Students' Morning Tea Session
  • YEAR 12 VCE Study Retreat

    23 February 2023

    Our Year 12 students attended their VCE Study Retreat at Lady Northcote Discovery Camp in Glenmore, near Bacchus Marsh from Friday, 3rd February to Sunday, 5th February 2023. A night walk, camp fire, indoor games, movie night watching "Bilal – a new breed of hero", giant swing and canoeing were recreational activities for our Senior… Read more

    YEAR 12 VCE Study Retreat
  • Year 10 and VCE Parent Information Night

    21 February 2023

    Thank you to the parents who attended the Year 10 and VCE Parent Information Night – we hope that the Information Night was insightful and helpful in starting very important conversations with your child about their future. In the meantime, please take the time to read the Year 10 and VCE Handbooks available on our website for your… Read more

    Year 10 and VCE Parent Information Night
  • VCE Awards Ceremony with DUX of 2022 presentation

    17 February 2023

    The Secondary School held its VCE Awards Ceremony for our 2022 VCE students on Tuesday, 14 February. Our 2022 VCE results were the best in the history of the College: - Highest ATAR was 98.05. - 4 students obtaining an ATAR of 90+. - 2 perfect study scores of 50 . - 20 scores of 40+. - 37.5% achieved an ATAR of 80 or above. - 9 out of 12… Read more

    VCE Awards Ceremony with DUX of 2022 presentation
  • VCE Food Studies: Safe Food Handling Course

    16 February 2023

    Our Secondary students doing VCE Unit 1 & 2 Food Studies attended a personal development class with Veg Education on Tuesday, 14th February 2023 to learn about safety and hygiene practices. A major pillar of their Food Studies subject is food safety and hygiene practices: Students are required to demonstrate the safe use of both equipment… Read more

    VCE Food Studies: Safe Food Handling Course
  • Wacky Wednesday is back

    16 February 2023

    Wacky Wednesday activities are back in full swing for Secondary School in 2023!. Wacky Wednesdays are designed to introduce students to new and sometimes wacky activities every week! These sessions give students a chance to try something new and an opportunity to meet new friends and have some lunch time fun. This week, the students… Read more

    Wacky Wednesday is back
  • Starting TUESDAY, 8 Feb: After School Robotics Club

    6 February 2023

    In this After School Robotics Club, Secondary students in Year 7 to 10 will gain skills and understanding working with Arduino, including coding loops, variables, IF statements, lists, operators and much more in a simplified version of C++. Students will design, build and program a robotic vehicle with artificial intelligence to achieve… Read more

    Starting TUESDAY, 8 Feb: After School Robotics Club
  • Our VCE Learning Journey

    14 December 2022

    For two years in a row now, we have exceeded our previous VCE results. A pleasant surprise has been the jump in the number of students achieving 40 and above in their study scores and our first perfect study scores of 50 in VET Sport and Recreation and VET Business!. We have strived to promote the message to our students to stop worrying… Read more

    Our VCE Learning Journey
  • 2023 Year 7 Transition Program

    8 December 2022

    Our current Year 6 students as well as newly enrolled students for Year 7 in 2023 explored the new world of Secondary School over the course of two days this week as part of the ASC Secondary School Transition Program. The comprehensive transition program is aimed providing valuable insights about secondary school by providing students… Read more

    2023 Year 7 Transition Program
  • LEAP Exhibition 2022

    2 December 2022

    Alhamdullilah, the LEAP Inquiry Exhibition has been a great and successful event held in our auditorium on last Friday, 18 November 2022 . The exhibition was well attended by parents, staff and fellow students after school from 2.30pm onwards. The exhibition was a whole year’s worth of student research work, stretching over the course of… Read more

    LEAP Exhibition 2022
  • 2023 Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar Program Recipient

    1 December 2022

    Al Siraat is extremely proud to announce that our current Year 10 student Mohammad Ridha Awwady will be a Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar in 2023. The Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program is an academic enrichment program designed to support high achieving Victorian Year 11 and Year 12 students. It is a very prestigious and selective… Read more

    2023 Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar Program Recipient
  • 2022 Graduation Ceremony

    29 November 2022

    Al Siraat held its 8th Graduation ceremony at Grand Neret Receptions in Epping on Friday, 25 November 2022. The night was a great success as we celebrated the graduation of our 24 students in front of more than 200 guests. The Year 12’s had worked hard throughout the year and achieved the milestone of completing 13 years of schooling… Read more

    2022 Graduation Ceremony
  • LEAP Inquiry Exhibition: Friday, 18 November

    7 November 2022

    This term has been very busy for both Year 7 & 8 LEAP students with the upcoming Inquiry Learning Exhibition. We are now looking forward to celebrating our students’ inquiry learning and would like you to save the date to join us for the LEAP Inquiry Exhibition. In Term 1, our students in Year 7 & 8 LEAP were actively engaged in their… Read more

    LEAP Inquiry Exhibition: Friday, 18 November
  • Student Volunteers at "Carnival of Connections"

    3 November 2022

    As part of our Values-In-Action Program, twelve of our Year 8 and Year 9 Secondary students as well as College Captain Zainab Rida gave up their Sunday afternoon to volunteer at the "Carnival of Connections" event, organised and hosted by Whittlesea Interfaith Network WIN. The colourful event held at the Epping Memorial Hall on last… Read more

    Student Volunteers at
  • Year 11 Sport and Recreation Excursion: La Trobe University

    27 October 2022

    As part of their VCE VET Sport and Recreation Unit 2 studies, our Year 11 students had the opportunity to visit La Trobe University and their state-of-the-art sport science lab which boasts titles such as having the most Vo2 max testing machines in the world with the exception of NASA. While at the venue, our Senior students participated… Read more

    Year 11 Sport and Recreation Excursion: La Trobe University
  • Class of 2022 Farewell

    21 October 2022

    On today’s Friday, 21 October 2022, we farewelled our Year 12 students in two separate assemblies on their last official day at school which made for both a highly inspiring and deeply moving day for our graduating Class of 2022. Our Year 12’s had an opportunity to reflect on their experiences at the College with their peers and… Read more

    Class of 2022 Farewell
  • Year 9 Canberra Camp 2022

    20 October 2022

    While the rain was pouring in Melbourne, our Year 9 students were spared from the wild weather during their 5 days/4 nights camp in Canberra where they were given the wonderful opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy. The Australian National… Read more

    Year 9 Canberra Camp 2022
  • Year 6 to Year 7 Transition 2022

    6 October 2022

    Our Secondary School organised a first Year 6 Transition Day. It was one of the first few sessions in supporting students transitioning to Year 7 in 2023. The key shared priority for both our Primary and Secondary School is to ensure that our students feel safe, secure and happy in the school environment and surrounds. The early induction… Read more

    Year 6 to Year 7 Transition 2022
  • VCE Business Management: Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

    19 September 2022

    Our VCE Business Management students in Years 11 and 12 visited Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery in Yarra Glen on Tuesday, 13 September 2022. The long trip to the Yarra Valley was well worth it. Classes split up for presentations relevant to their studies. Year Eleven students learnt about marketing and workplace policies whilst… Read more

    VCE Business Management: Yarra Valley Chocolaterie
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