SLFGER Student Facilitator Workshop

11 October 2018
SLFGER Student Facilitator Workshop

The School Leaders for Gender Equality and Respect (SLFGER) Student Facilitator Preparation Workshop took place on 10th October 2018. Three of our student leaders attended the workshop.

For the first time, the student leaders will be facilitating the upcoming workshop on 18th October in the city, representing Al Siraat in front of other schools, the Department of Education and Training and VICSRC.

The following three of our students were trained for the day on how to lead and facilitate the workshop:

  • Hanan Hirsi – Year 7G1
  • Clarissa Aisha Indranada – Year 9G1
  • Aisha Arain – Year 10G1

We wish our selected student leaders all the best for the presentation on 18th October.