Equestrian Program

Updated March 2023

Horse riding is offered at Al Siraat College to our Year 5 students during their school day, replacing our previous after-school equestrian program. We use our very own College ponies Bertie and Cash. Experienced Equestrian Coach Ms Adrienne McMahon guides both inexperienced as well as advanced riders in their lessons held at our very own sand arena on College grounds.

Horse riding is encouraged in Islam. In a Hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari, Rasulullah (SAW) advised his companions to master the sports of archery, swimming, and horse riding.

Our goal is to provide Year 5 students with a unique opportunity to experience the joys and benefits of horse riding. With our qualified horse instructor Ms Adrienne, students have the chance to learn new skills, gain confidence, and develop a sense of responsibility.

This new program will replace students' regular PE lessons and Co-Curricular session for the duration of one term per year, commencing in Term 2 of 2023.

Please be reminded that our ponies must NOT be fed vegetable scraps of any kind as it can cause severe illness leading to death. Their stomachs are not capable of digesting vegetables, in particular lettuce and other green leafy vegetables. The horses are on a specific diet to enable them to stay in the best of health.

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