How We Report Progress

Updated January 2024

Al Siraat College provides a written report twice a year and an opportunity for a face-to-face parent teacher conference each term.

The categories for learning competencies are:

  • Organisation and Time Management: The student is well organised for lessons. They have all their required materials with them e.g. iPad, notebook, pens and pencils. The student gets organised promptly and moves easily from activity to activity.
  • Completion of Learning Tasks: The student regularly completes all the required work, which includes notes, questions worksheets, assignments etc.
  • Home Learning: Work and study that is required to be completed at home is submitted on time.
  • Co-operation and Consideration of Others: The student is well behaved and respectful towards their teacher and friends. They share and support the learning of their peers.
  • Self Evaluation: The student takes feedback provided from their teacher and/or peers to reflect and make changes to their work and thinking.
  • Commitment to Learning: The student provides the necessary effort for their learning by seeking assistance and doing extra study.

At the end of each semester a comprehensive report is provided for each subject and a comment by the homegroup teacher. Each subject is graded on an 8 point scale from A+ to E.

Ongoing assessments will soon be available via the SEQTA parent and student portal as the College moves to an online continuous reporting cycle.

In addition to the formal process and parent or teacher may request a meeting to discuss progress at any stage by making an appointment via the office.

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