Student Representative Council

Updated March 2022

Student Voice and Leadership is a valued and important part of our College. We work hard to engage all students in meaningful conversation about what we do well and how we can make Al Siraat College even better for all. Part of this engagement includes the formal Student Representative Council (SRC).

SRC is the umbrella students’ body that looks into students’ welfare while at the College. The SRC explores ways in which student life at Al Siraat could be enhanced and works together to come up with strategies to meet students’ needs.

We congratulate our elected 2022 College Captains Naziihah Hafidi (girls) and Ismaeel Ambikapathy (boys).

The appointment of all other newly elected 2022 Student Representative Council members (SRC) has been announced and will be publicised shortly. All nominees have gone through a formal selection process prior to their election.

The College would like to thank our alumni 2021 College Captains Laila Rashid (girls) and Humza Ghouse (boys) and their fellow SRCs for their dedication and serving the College for the previous four terms, mashaAllah.

  • Nur Naziihah Hafidi

    College Girls Captain 2022 Email Nur Naziihah

    Nur Naziihah Hafidi first attended Al Siraat College in Year 6 after migrating to Australia from Singapore.

    Amongst other things, Naziihah is an avid reader with a passion for brain teasers, puzzles and thriller films. Despite her more introverted personality, she finds the most joy in helping other people.

    In 2018, she joined the Student Representative Council (SRC) where her dedication to community service has only continued to grow.

    As one of the College Captains of Al Siraat College, she hopes to foster a positive school environment.

    Nur Naziihah Hafidi
  • Ismaeel Ambikapathy

    College Boys Captain 2022 Email Ismaeel

    Ismaeel Ambikapathy joined Al Siraat College in 2020 after migrating from Bahrain.

    He loves reading, writing novels, playing soccer and Lego construction. He sees himself as an introvert but has this urge of being of utility to the others.

    Ismaeel joined the Student Representative Council (SRC) to be a role model for other students and wishes to create a culture of reading and writing amongst students.

    As one of the College Captains of Al Siraat College, he hopes to remain environmentally inclined and promote sustainable development to the best of his ability.

    Ismaeel Ambikapathy

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