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  • Year 4 Arabic Assessment: At the Restaurant

    7 September 2022

    This week, our Year 4 students have been celebrating the end of their Arabic inquiry unit "At the restaurant" with an authentic assessment task. The students had a wonderful experience, applying their conversational knowledge to order their food in Arabic. It was a lot of fun, a lot of yummy food and most importantly, a lot of practical… Read more

    Year 4 Arabic Assessment: At the Restaurant
  • Year 3 Arabic: Firefighters' visit

    2 September 2022

    Our Year 3 students were very excited this week to welcome the amazing crew from our local Epping CFA Fire Station on campus, demonstrating their heavy safety equipment and answering many questions from their attentive audience. Our Arabic Department had invited the firefighters to the College as part of an evaluation phase of our Year 3… Read more

    Year 3 Arabic: Firefighters' visit
  • Year 6 Archery Ascension

    31 August 2022

    Last Friday morning, the team from Archery Ascension came to our College for an incursion with our Year 6 students. Archery Ascension’s aim is to revive tradition, create culture & community, and transform lives. What an amazing opportunity this was for our Senior Primary students. The introduction was very thorough and included learning… Read more

    Year 6 Archery Ascension
  • Book Week closes with Pyjama Day

    26 August 2022

    While Book Week 2022 has now drawn to a close this afternoon, we invite you to look back with us on the past five days of truly wonderful celebrations across Primary School of all things reading, creativity, story telling and imagination. We started Book Week with our fun and fabulous Book Character… Read more

    Book Week closes with Pyjama Day
  • Primary Book Week commenced with a bang

    23 August 2022

    It’s Book Week again! A highlight on everyone’s annual calendar from students to parents and staff, we have welcomed Book Week in style with a bang when a flurry of colourful book characters have ascended into our Primary School yesterday morning to partake in the annual Book Character Parade. Each year since 1945, the Children’s Book… Read more

    Primary Book Week commenced with a bang
  • Year 1’s celebrating their "100th Day of School"

    10 August 2022

    Our Year 1’s have been very busy this term. We have been working on procedure writing in Literacy and made fruit salad. We also learned about halves and what a fraction is, so we had fun cutting our fruit in half!. We also wrote a procedure to brush your teeth to ensure that our teeth are clean and fresh!. For the 100th day of school this… Read more

    Year 1’s celebrating their
  • Year 2: Werribee Zoo Excursion

    29 July 2022

    It was a lovely Tuesday morning when the Year 2 students and staff members gathered to head towards the Werribee Zoo for a fun filled day. The day started off with lots of chatter on the bus as we all wondered what kinds of animals we would see, at least those of us who had never been there before. At the zoo, we were provided with an… Read more

    Year 2: Werribee Zoo Excursion
  • Year 3: Twisted Science Excursion

    29 July 2022

    On Wednesday 27 July 2022, Year 3 students visited Twisted Science in Moorabbin for their Science excursion. Students sat in a workshop where they had hands-on experiences with science experiments that stirred so much excitement in their discoveries. These experiments enriched their learning for their chemical and physical science topics… Read more

    Year 3: Twisted Science Excursion
  • Year 6 Boys: Lunchtime Activities

    15 July 2022

    The Year 6 boys had lots of fun on Wednesday during lunch time, playing indoor ten-pin bowling. City of Whittlesea’s Baseline staff, Sam and Kristy, came and set up indoor ten-pin bowling for the boys to try. The boys took turns to bowl, with the aim of knocking all their pins down. Great team work was witnessed as they each took turns to… Read more

    Year 6 Boys: Lunchtime Activities
  • Primary Awards Assembly

    24 June 2022

    Congratulations to all our students for their achievements in Semester 1. On Tuesday we had our Primary Awards Assembly, where many students received an award certificate. The categories for achievement include: . - Academic Achievement . - Academic Endeavour . - Islamic Studies . - Quran . - Arabic . - Physical Education . -… Read more

    Primary Awards Assembly
  • Primary Lunch Time Club: Cupcake Decorating

    17 June 2022

    Our Student Support Department continue to provide fun Lunch Time Clubs for Primary students. Students have the option to join the Lunch Time Clubs on different days throughout the week. This week the girls had to chance to do some cupcake decorating. The girls thoroughly enjoyed being creative, and then eating their creations! . Click… Read more

    Primary Lunch Time Club: Cupcake Decorating
  • Year 4: Werribee Zoo Excursion

    10 June 2022

    On Thursday 9th of June, Year 4’s and Hifz A went to Werribee Open Range Zoo for their Science excursion in order to enrich their learning for the Science topic ‘Prey and Predators.’. All of our students had the time of their lives, and many of them were excited to see certain animals such as the camels, Mongolian horses, emus and… Read more

    Year 4: Werribee Zoo Excursion
  • Year 5 and 6G: "Speaking Up" resilience workshop

    2 June 2022

    Our Student Support Department recently had the great pleasure to welcome back renowned TEDx speaker Jo Evans on campus to host a Resilience Program for Year 5 and 6 students. The topic for the first of a workshop series was "Do you want to be a confident speaker?", and the question put forward to students was: ‘Why is it important for… Read more

    Year 5 and 6G:
  • Year 2 incursion: History of our College

    26 May 2022

    Students in Year 2 have been learning about a landmark in their local area as part of their Humanities History unit and attended an inhouse incursion with Ms Shahidah as a long lasting ASC staff member to hear and learn about our College in the local area of Epping. Ms Shahidah has been working with us since Al Siraat has been established… Read more

    Year 2 incursion: History of our College
  • Apply Now for LEAP 2023

    19 May 2022

    We are pleased to announce that we are now taking applications for the new 2023 LEAP Learning Enrichment Accelerated Program applicants from our Year 6 cohort. LEAP is a challenging program focused on rigorous and accelerated content that aims to extend and enrich students in their key learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science and… Read more

    Apply Now for LEAP 2023
  • Year 4 and Hifz Science Incursion

    12 May 2022

    A Science incursion was arranged this week for our Year 4 and Hifz students to introduce the topic of "Weathering and Erosion". The Year 4’s are covering this topic during the first 4 weeks of Term 2. In this exciting 90-minute incursion, students learnt about the natural processes of weathering and erosion to gain an understanding of how… Read more

    Year 4 and Hifz Science Incursion
  • Year 3 and 5 NAPLAN Tutoring Sessions

    19 April 2022

    In order to support our students teaching and learning and maintaining the momentum built up in Term 1, we are offering Primary NAPAN Tutoring sessions in Week 1 & 2 of the current school holidays. The sessions will focus on literacy and numeracy in order to set our students up for success in the NAPLAN tests which will start on the 10th… Read more

    Year 3 and 5 NAPLAN Tutoring Sessions
  • Year 4: African drumming and exhibitions

    30 March 2022

    Students in Hifz A and Year 4 celebrated the end of their Humanities unit “Africa” with a wonderful event in the new Auditorium assembly area in M building last week. The day began with the sounds of traditional African drums beating and a presentation of West Africa Culture from our guests Mohamed and Kwame. The students displayed their… Read more

    Year 4: African drumming and exhibitions
  • Year 6 Farewell Dinner

    16 December 2021

    Last Thursday, 9 December 2021, was a truly special evening for our Year 6 students who celebrated the end of their Primary School years with a festive event held in our brand new auditorium assembly hall. The three hour event saw our 94 Year 6 graduates dressed in their finest, looking mature and all grown up. The Year 6 Farewell Dinner… Read more

    Year 6 Farewell Dinner
  • Year 1 Incursion: Wildlife Encounters

    16 December 2021

    Our Year 1 students were super excited to welcome some unusual scaly and slithery guest to our assembly room for their "Wildlife Xposure" incursion. Exploring and learning about living things, nature and the environment transformed an everyday class lesson into a truly unique and real life memorable hands-on learning experience: Students… Read more

    Year 1 Incursion: Wildlife Encounters
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