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  • CANCELLED Years 5 and 6 Girls Pilates in Term 2

    2 April 2024

    DUE TO UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES THESE SESSIONS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. We are very excited to be offering Girls Only Pilates sessions for Year 5/6 girls in Term 2 as an afterschool program. Sessions are facilitated by a female Pilates instructor. Sessions will be run in the College Auditorium from 3:45pm to 4:45pm on Mondays at a reduced… Read more

    CANCELLED Years 5 and 6 Girls Pilates in Term 2
  • Foundation Iftar 2024

    25 March 2024

    Ramadan is another blessed time for people to come together: The Foundations availed this opportunity and had their first iftar meal at school. The festive atmosphere created by our Ramadan Lunar Market added another dimension to the evening. Our young students and their families could be seen enjoying the market stall after their meal… Read more

    Foundation Iftar 2024
  • Year 2: Ramadan Goals Show and Tell

    20 March 2024

    Our Year 2 students excitedly embraced the spirit of Ramadan in their Show and Tell presentations. Students focused on setting goals they would like to achieve this Ramadan. With enthusiasm and pride, each student took turns stepping forward to share their personal Ramadan goals with their peers. From acts of charity and compassion to… Read more

    Year 2: Ramadan Goals Show and Tell
  • Ramadan Welcome Packs

    14 March 2024

    Ramadan Mubarak! May Allah SWT accept our fasts and ibadah! To welcome the month of blessings, our Islamic Studies department ,along with the help of our wonderful Teacher Assistants, were able to organise Welcome Ramadan packs for all of our Primary students and staff members. Each pack contained a date, a customised ASC Ramadan Mubarak… Read more

    Ramadan Welcome Packs
  • Year 5 Excursion to Melbourne Zoo

    7 March 2024

    Our Year 5’s had a Science Excursion to the Melbourne Zoo earlier this week where they had the opportunity to observe different animal artefacts and learned about the function and purpose of each part. They gained an understanding of different types of adaptations and how animals in the wild adapt to the environment. The lesson conducted… Read more

    Year 5 Excursion to Melbourne Zoo
  • Clean Up Australia Day 2024

    1 March 2024

    Thirty five of our Primary students from Years 4 to 6 volunteered to help in the Clean Up Australia Day event which is an Australia wide initiative. Our students cleaned up the areas surrounding the College and along Findon Creek. We extend our gratitude to the City of Whittlesea for providing us with the necessary resources to make this… Read more

    Clean Up Australia Day 2024
  • Celebrating International Mother Language Day

    28 February 2024

    International Mother Language Day is celebrated every year on the 21st of February and the purpose of this day is to raise awareness of language, cultural diversity and multilingualism around the world. Our Primary students from Foundation to Year 6 joined the SSD team in the Auditorium for some fun lunch time activities to honour this… Read more

    Celebrating International Mother Language Day
  • Literacy Session for Foundation Parents

    28 February 2024

    We conducted our first Literacy session for the Foundation year parents. In this session parents were introduced to some of the literacy programs being used in our classes. In addition, parents were also provided with a list of practical skills which would assist them in working with their children at home. We are hoping to create an… Read more

    Literacy Session for Foundation Parents
  • Year 4 Science Incursion: Mad about Science

    27 February 2024

    Our Year 4 students recently participated in an engaging incursion focusing on forces, specifically exploring Newton’s Laws of Motion and the concept of friction. The interactive sessions included hands-on experiments, real-life examples, and activities that brought physics principles to life. The students delved into Newton’s First Law… Read more

    Year 4 Science Incursion: Mad about Science
  • Year 1 & 2 Mini-Incursion: Al Isra’ wa’l Mi’raj

    9 February 2024

    Our Years 1 and 2 students visited the beautiful displays for Al Isra’ wa’l Mi’raj which are currently put up inside our orange Years 3 to 6 Student Hub. The lower primary students were taken to visit the M Building and see the displays and hear a short story on the Blessed Night Journey. They also listened to some Qur'an recitation from… Read more

    Year 1 & 2 Mini-Incursion: Al Isra’ wa’l Mi’raj
  • Year 3 Incursion: Olden Days Experience

    7 February 2024

    Our Year 3 students enjoyed a visit from Mrs Sargood from the National Trust of Victoria, a historical character from the 19th century who provided our students with an olden day classroom experience. Students met ‘Mrs Sargood’ and learned about life at Rippon Lea Mansion, the 12 Sargood children who lived there, and how these children… Read more

    Year 3 Incursion: Olden Days Experience
  • End of 2023 Primary Awards Assemblies

    7 December 2023

    This morning, we hosted a Special Primary Awards Ceremony for Years 3 – 6 with special guests the Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio MP Minister for Energy, Resources, Climate Action, and State Electricity Commission and MP Bronwyn Halfpenny State Member for Thomastown. Our Foundation to Year 2 students also attended their special end of year assembly… Read more

    End of 2023 Primary Awards Assemblies
  • VIA Program: Year 6 Boys Assisting Foundation Students

    4 December 2023

    Our Foundation classes had extra assistance last week when the Year 6B1 boys joined them to complete a science activity. The activity was part of the students' community hours as part of our Values-in-Action VIA program, giving them the opportunity to volunteer over a period of time to become active and engaged citizens. The VIA program… Read more

    VIA Program: Year 6 Boys Assisting Foundation Students
  • Year 4 Angahook Holiday Camp

    30 November 2023

    This week, our Year 4 students had the time of their life at Angahook Holiday Camp in Anglesea, off the world famous Great Ocean Road for the duration of 2 days/3 nights. Many of the students were initially nervous about leaving their parents behind for their first ever camp experience, but after some encouraging words from teachers and… Read more

    Year 4 Angahook Holiday Camp
  • Year 3 & 4 Dojo Redemption Excursion: Lavender Farm

    29 November 2023

    This week, students from our Year 3/4 cohort who have demonstrated excellent behaviour throughout the semester were rewarded with an excursion to Warratina Lavender Farm. Our students were able to observe how lavender is picked, a very strenuous task completed by hand, then dried and sent to the markets. They learnt that lavender is also… Read more

    Year 3 & 4 Dojo Redemption Excursion: Lavender Farm
  • Foundation Incursion: Paramedic’s Visit

    29 November 2023

    Who helps our community when we need it? Paramedic Mr Waseem from Ambulance Victoria brought our learning to life this week with a visit to our Foundation classes. Our young inquirers had the opportunity to learn when someone might need an Ambulance, how to contact emergency services, and what to expect if they call 000. We toured the… Read more

    Foundation Incursion: Paramedic’s Visit
  • Year 2 Bee-Bots Incursion

    29 November 2023

    Our Year 2’s are using Bee-Bots in Technology to learn location in Maths. A Bee-Bot is an exciting programmable floor robot perfect for Lower Primary students with its child friendly layout to teach control, directional language and programming. Students explored the functions of the robots, created and planned tasks for the Bee-Bots ,and… Read more

    Year 2 Bee-Bots Incursion
  • Trash and Treasure Market Fundraiser

    23 November 2023

    We would like to thank the staff and students who helped setup, sell, buy, prepare and pack up during Thursday’s Trash & Treasure Market held in front of the Musalla. A Huge shout out to our wonderful Teacher Aides who helped tremendously. When the second hand items arrived, we were not certain how much would sell and had no idea how much… Read more

    Trash and Treasure Market Fundraiser
  • Year 3 Students Unveil Sustainability Wonders

    22 November 2023

    Green minds at work: This term, our Year 3 and Hifz students have been diving into recycling and its impact on our planet. They actively engaged in a few hands-on projects, like donating old glasses and sunglasses to people in need overseas and supporting Melbourne Zoo’s Recycling Project to save… Read more

    Year 3 Students Unveil Sustainability Wonders
  • Year 3 CERES Excursion

    21 November 2023

    This week our Year 3’s and Hifz students joined the expert educators at CERES on a journey towards zero waste where students explored the impacts of waste, discovered solutions to reduce waste and demonstrated ways to turn waste into a valuable resource. The educators guided students through problem solving and action planning to create… Read more

    Year 3 CERES Excursion
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