Updated October 2021


In Foundation, students learn through purposeful play and to develop their sensory, cognitive and affective appreciation of the world around them through exploratory, imaginative and creative learning.

This semester, the Foundation students worked on many Art projects that exposed them to different materials, colours and textures. Students created prints using natural mediums and utilised art elements to create works on shapes and colours. Besides that, students also worked on a unit of inquiry – Mini Beasts. Students create a 3D diorama showcasing insects and their living habitats.

Year 1

The Year 1 Art programme focuses on exposing students various art forms in an interactive and engaging manner. In this Semester, students developed skills in drawing, painting and craft works. Through this, students are able to appreciate the variety of mediums such as crayon, watercolour and paints. Besides that, students also worked on the class learning focus – Weather. In this unit, students utilised and manipulate a variety of mediums to create a collaborative class mural. Students also created: mosaics, collages, memory and still life drawings using pencil, pastel, crayon and paints. Students were able to create images they have drawn from their subconscious mind and have demonstrated an understanding of line, form, shape and perspective in the world around them.

Year 2

The Year 2 Art programme focuses on strengthening pupils understanding of the various art forms. Students are also exposed to the works of contemporary artists.

In this Semester, students worked on many Art projects that reinforced their skills in painting, drawing, printmaking and collages. Besides that, students also collaborated to investigate the water cycle and how it affected the animals that lived around them. As part of their learning focus, students made a large mural depicting the water cycle and its related processes. They also learnt to make cardboard templates of the animals living around the water.

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