Islamic Studies

Updated January 2024

Alhamdulillah, Allah (SWT) has given us the opportunity to teach your children about the beauty of our deen. It has been observed that our students perform most of the religious activities out of routine or because of the pressure from their teachers and parents. At Al Siraat College, our focus this year is to inculcate good qualities in the lives of the students so that they become good practising Muslims, inShaAllah.

In order to create the sense of desire within students to perform religious acts with love and devotion, we will teach the virtues of religious activities. By knowing the virtues, students will be more likely to carry out religious activities willingly rather than being forced.

These virtues have to be practised at school and at home as well so that the following qualities will come in their lives:

  • Firm belief that everything is done by Allah (SWT) with His powers and no creation can do anything without the wish and will of Allah (SWT).
  • Practise good deeds for the sake of Allah (SWT) and willingness to fulfil the rights of their parents and teachers.
  • Love for Allah and the Prophet (SAW) by continuing to practise sunnah in daily lives.

We want to nurture the love for Islam within the hearts of our students. This can be realised through constant practise of virtuous deeds and equipping students with the Islamic knowledge.

We would like the full cooperation of parents, as we have to work as a team to support and enhance the students learning. We appreciate your on-going support and would like to forge this relationship in the future as well, inshaAllah. We cannot do this without the partnership with parents because our goal is one – the success of our children.