Updated January 2024

We are blessed to have a Musalla on-site at Al Siraat College, where our whole community can pray outside school hours, including Jummah prayers, alhamdullilah. The College Musalla is also used for various programs after school and is usually open to the general community to use for their 5 times daily prayers.

Special prayers such as Taraweeh and Eid prayers are also held and you may register yourself to receive updates for timings and other relevant information by sending an SMS with your mobile number to 0425 700 333. This will give you timely reminders and updates from iWHITTLESEA which has been set up to keep our community informed.

View the Musalla Prayer Times live here.

Other Islamic programs and special talks are held in the evenings and on most weekends there are groups of either international, interstate or local visitors that will run Islamic talks and gatherings along with spending up to 2 nights at a time in itikaaf there.

There are also a group of regular local community members who make weekly efforts to invite new community members to spend time in the musalla to learn more about Islam, unite under congregational prayers and keep in touch with regular attendees.

In essence, the musalla is a vibrant space for not only staying connected to Allah (swt) through various forms of worship, but it is also an important community hub so that an environment of care and belonging is established. Every Ramadan, you will always find people bringing in food to share for iftar. We are indeed fortunate to have amongst us people who have made it their aim to bring others together to help build a supportive community.

Please be sure to visit our Masjid Salaam fundraising page to see how you can support in the construction of our local Masjid Al Salaam to serve not only the needs of our school community, but be an asset for the whole community to access.

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