Secondary School Prayers

Updated January 2024

Students in the Secondary School are given opportunity for completing their salaat in congregation in the musalla at the start of lunch.

Any students who are new to the school and have not had the opportunity to learn how to pray are given private small group instruction. During this time they are taught how to make wudhu and learn not only the action of prayer but also the words to recite. There is no embarrassment when it comes to learning about our faith and we cherish the opportunities to be able to teach the most fundamental of practices to students of all ages without prejudice.

InShaAllah, with proper care and attention towards prayers, our students will be able to access the help of Allah (swt) and be able to please Him through this beautiful act of worship.

At present, we are finding that we have reached full capacity in our already extended musalla. Please be sure to visit our Masjid Salaam (proposed name) fundraising page below to see how you can support in the construction of a large mosque which will not only serve the needs of the school community, but be an asset for the whole community to access.

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