Senior BOYS Camp 2016 at "The Summit"

10 March 2016

What camp really means to me

The buses filled with anticipation, in the morning of the journey to the camp destination. Students wondered what was to come, while teachers worked on how to make camp fun.

As students were welcomed with a smile and plenty of sun, the camp had only just begun. A flying fox, high climb and firing arrows with a bow. It was the Laser skirmish that stole the show.

Students were challenged in their own personal way, with plenty of encouragement and support provided by group members who insisted to stay.

Staying in supported regardless of the time, to help a fellow camper who at first wouldn’t even try. Meals filled plates and tummies, with some students wanting the same foods cooked by their mummies.

Bedtime seemed easy at first sight. However teachers were kept up throughout the night. On day two campers really settled in, with fajr prayer, taffakur and taleem.

As the encounters of each activity trilled and excited, students reflected on what was learned and recited. Teachers relieved for the early night on day two, with students exhausted by the activities delivered by the camp crew.

The final day of camp came ever so quickly, with a morning pack up and room tidy. So much achieved and fears conquered, relationships formed and others pondered.

As the bus ride home suggested, the quiet moments left for those who rested. Memories will be shared for many years to come, but it is the change and personal growth that is more halesome.

All praise and thanks is to Allah Rab al-alameen, for without His help nothing could have been. Thank you to the dedication of those who helped along the way, it is appreciated every single day.

So you see – even though camp has much to prepare for only a week – this is what camp really means to me.