VCE Sports and Recreation: ACMI Excursion

17 August 2016

Our Sports & Rec students hit Fed Square for a high tech ACMI experience:

Our VCE VET Sport and Recreation students joined in an interactive expedition through the Australian Centre for the Moving Images (ACMI). Students experienced a very informative, yet engaging, interactive exhibition.

The Screen Worlds exhibition has been part of ACMI’s free exhibitions for years, showcasing the history behind Australian television as well as video games aging back to the 70’s, it has been an attraction for students and visitors from across Victoria. Students were spoilt in a range of computer games, which included characters from Nintendo, as well as exciting soccer enthusiasts with FIFA video games. Screen worlds provided students with an opportunity to discover the early films that hit screens in Australia. These also included famous iconic animations such as Blinky Bill.

It was very difficult to walk through the exhibition without getting the hands and feet moving, especially when students were given an opportunity to make a short ‘Matrix' style action sequence.

At lunchtime, students were able to soak up the sun and enjoy a walk through Swanston Street. Here students witnessed a live protest, as well as experienced the vibrant multicultural food and people.

After lunch, and on the journey back to school, students made a short stop in Carlton to attend to Dhuhr prayer in Carlton Masjid. Carlton Masjid was a first time visit for some, however many students know the masjid well and guided others through its doors.

Thank you to all students who attended the program, and all praise and thanks belongs to Allah for granting us a safe journey and return back home.