Year 11 VCE Food Studies: Indigenous Spices

25 May 2023

Our Year 11 VCE Food Studies students were tasked to successfully complete a practical SAC on the brief of "What's your story?", using Indigenous spices to make savory biscuits and a contemporary dip.

Students were provided with the traditional recipe for English Savory Biscuits. Reflecting on the arrival of the first settlers in Australia and how they would have had to modify their recipes and cooking by making use of Indigenous spices available to them here instead of what they were used to back in Europe, our students had to be creative, too in modifying the recipe by using one indigenous spice ingredient of their choice.

Indigenous spices available to students were:

  • Lemon myrtle
  • Wattleseed
  • Bush tomato
  • Finger lime
  • Pepperberry and
  • Strawberry gum.

Furthermore, they had to design a dip that would be reflecting an ethnic migrant community of Australia in their cooking. Time was of the essence, with students not allowed to take longer than 90 minutes to create and spice up some delicious dips to be served with the savory biscuits and vegetable crudites.