Year 8 Excursion: Keysborough Islamic Centre

7 August 2017

Our Senior students from Year 8 visited the Turkish Islamic Cultural Centre & Mosque in Keysborough towards the end of last term as part of their Enquiry Unit about the "Ottoman Empire and the Golden Age of Islam".

The excursion was a collaboration between the students' Humanities and Art studies. Our students and staff were warmly welcomed and first learnt about the general purpose of the Centre, which contains a multi-purpose hall, two car parks, residence, overflow car park, classrooms, soccer grounds and a full time school, Mt Hira College.

The Centre is situated in a Municipality where large ethnic groups of diverse cultural and religious faiths reside. The objective of the organisation is to develop a multi-purpose centre, which not only accommodates the Turkish community, but the wider community as well. It aims to provide more efficient and useful services with a primary obligation to the interests of its members.

Furthermore, students were able to study and admire the intricate interior of the mosque, as can be seen in the attached photos. At the conclusion of the tour, our group was treated to some refreshing water, Turkish tea and Turkish delight.