Anti Bullying Week

3 August 2015

"Anti Bullying Week" coincided with the start of the new term 3 (Second Semester 2015), making it an eventful week for Al Siraat College. Many events and programs were held by The Well-being Department to promote Anti Bullying, to help prevent Bullying occurring in our college. The following are some of the activities and events that our students enjoyed taking part in during the week.

  • Anti Bullying Week pledge: Every student signed a pledge to take a stand against Bullying and to take individual responsibility to avoid perpetrating Bullying and to help the college prevent Bullying in its premises.

  • Anti Bullying Presentations were held in the Junior and Secondary School to educate students on the impact of Bullying, the role of ‘Bystanders’ and Racism in Bullying and the Islamic morals of Respect that condemn Bullying.

  • Cybersafety presentations were organized for our student, staff and parents where guest speakers from ‘Cybersmart’ held presentations to educate our students and wider community on staying safe online to prevent various forms of threats present in the virtual space, including cyberbullying.

  • Students from Foundations – Year 2 were also given the opportunity to make bookmarks on the concept of Anti Bullying,

  • Islamic studies classes incorporated the concept of Anti Bullying to the Islamic studies lessons of the week to educate students about the religious consequences in the act of Bullying.

  • Last but not least, the highlight of the week was the school wide Anti Bullying competition. Students were required to submit entries from catergories of Writing, Poetry/Rap or Art by the Friday of the week. Alhamdulillah, The Well-being Centre has been delighted to see the many entries received and the talents displayed of our students, MashaAllah. We appreciate the efforts of our judging panels who certainly had a tough task in choosing the winners. We would like to congratulate the following students who have emerged as winners in the Anti Bullying Week Competition held this year.

Winners from Junior School

Poster competition:

1st – Cirine Dounane – 5A

2nd – Artin Ibrahim – 3A

3rd – Taha Ayoubi – 3A

Poetry competition:

1st – Sakeenah Brookman – 5A

2nd – Rukaiyah Allouche – 6A

3rd – Ruweyda Farah – Hifz B

Rap winners:

1st – Yusuf Brookman – 6B

2nd Ayesha Leghari – 3A

Writing section winners:

1st – Aleena Siddiqui – 3B

2nd – Wafa Abdallah – 4A

3rd – Sagal Mohamed Hassan – 3A

Special Acknowledgement award (Art category)

Aisha Dabab – 4A

Award for Excellence in Art Catergory

Khadija Hussain 2B

Winners from Secondary School

Poster competition:

1st – Ambreen Afridi – 11A

2nd – Hawraa Alabsawi – 10A

3rd – Amina Orhan – 10A

Poetry competition:

1st – Saynab Moussa – 12A

2nd – Aleyna Orhan – 7A

3rd – Jessica Abou Karnib – 10A

Special Acknowledgement award (Poetry category)

Tabarak El Ali

Well done to all our winners and a special thanks to all our staff who made this possible!

Kind regards,

Dr. Sonia Cheema Head of Well Being (p-12)