Year 10 Subject Selection and Handbook

Updated January 2024

Secondary students in Year 10 are able to choose their subjects of choice from a variety of options in 2024.

Besides the compulsory subjects (English and VCE English skills, Maths, Islamic Studies, Quran, Humanities, Science and Life Skills), students also need to select one VCE subject.

The following Unit 1&2 Year 11 VCE options are available to our Year 10 cohort:

  • Biology
  • VET Business
  • VET Sport and Recreation
  • VET Community Services.

In addition to choosing one VCE Year 11 subject, students have the choice to select the following subjects. Students are to refer to the Subject Blocks in the Handbook when making their selections.

The Year 10 subjects offered in 2024 are below:

  • Chemistry
  • Business Studies
  • Health
  • Psychology
  • Forensic Science
  • Sports Science
  • Physics
  • Graphic Design
  • Food Studies
  • ICT
  • Social Dynamics
  • Woodworks
  • Land Management
  • Legal Studies
  • Advanced Maths.

Please read the Year 10 Subject Selection and the VCE Handbook for more information about the subject selection process and descriptions for each subject.

Students are encouraged to seek guidance from our Careers Counsellor when making their subject choices. when making their subject choices.

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