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  • VCE VET Excursion to the MCG

    17 April 2017

    In Term 1, students enrolled in Unit 1/2 VET Sport and Recreation visited the MCG Melbourne Cricket Grounds, participating in a guided tour as well as practising their skills in sporting activities in the ‘Game on’ centre. The purpose of the excursion was to investigate the service qualities and procedures provided by a variety of sectors… Read more

    VCE VET Excursion to the MCG
  • "We Care for Cancer" Bake Sale by Senior Students

    28 March 2017

    Allahu Akbar! Al Siraat College would like to congratulate a group of Senior School students for initiating a fundraiser to help raise awareness of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Allyah Shawqy of Year 8G initiated this fundraiser together with a committee consisting of Yasmeen Alhadad, Bashyyr Saida and Junayd Ayoubi. The fundraiser was in support… Read more

  • Whittlesea Youth Career Expo

    24 March 2017

    On Thursday, 16th March all Year 9 students participated in the Whittlesea Youth Employment Opportunities Fair and Careers Expo. This expo is organised through Youth Commitment/Hume Whittlesea and is intended for school students to assist them with careers planning, to consider Structured Workplace Learning options or for school leavers… Read more

    Whittlesea Youth Career Expo
  • Year 7 (Girls): A Journey through Science World

    21 March 2017

    Learning is an amazing experience. Science is one of the subjects where surprises and facts mesmerize students when they explore scientific world with experiments and inquiry learning. Our enthusiastic Year 7 Senior girls have explored their lab safety module and experiments with Bunsen Burner in science lab. Their energy was visible… Read more

    Year 7 (Girls): A Journey through Science World
  • Edible Cell Cake Science Project

    8 March 2017

    Science projects are often viewed by students as a difficult or dull task. However, there are ways to make it fun and entertaining. Our Senior students from Year 8 had plenty of fun while creating a hands-on and functional science project: They made edible and delicious cell cakes as their Science assignments. Students had the option to… Read more

    Edible Cell Cake Science Project
  • Senior BOYS Camp 2017 – A Poem

    23 February 2017

    It was the first week of school, and subhanAllah: What a start. With camp set to go for our middle School boys who were certainly dressed for the part. It rained as we gathered, but that didn't stop the excitement. The Mussallah made for an excellent meeting point to share the enlightenment. . We boarded the buses with 79 including staff… Read more

    Senior BOYS Camp 2017 – A Poem
  • Senior GIRLS Camp 2017

    23 February 2017

    The buses filled with anticipation, in the morning of the journey to the camp destination. While our Senior girls wondered what was to come, teachers had been working hard to make camp fun. The young ladies were welcomed with smiles and a bit of sun, and the camp had only just begun: Canoeing, volleyball, thunder hockey, a robe course… Read more

    Senior GIRLS Camp 2017
  • New Differentiated Senior Maths Level System

    17 February 2017

    As Al Siraat College Mathematics Department, we always aim to give the best Mathematics education to our students. We want each student to reach their full potential. In order to fulfil this goal, we designed a “Differentiated Mathematics Level System” for Year 7 to 9 students that is in line with the new Victorian Curriculum. This new… Read more

    New Differentiated Senior Maths Level System
  • 2016 VCE Graduation

    13 December 2016

    Al Siraat College held their 2016 VCE Graduation on Friday, 25th November 2016 at the "La Mirage" Reception Centre in Somerton, with all 15 graduating students bidding farewell to their lives at the College. All graduates were presented with Certificates as well as student awards and plaques. The College truly celebrated their second Year… Read more

    2016 VCE Graduation
  • 2016 Special End of Year Senior Assembly

    8 December 2016

    Our Senior students from Years 7 to 12 as well as Secondary staff came together today to celebrate the end of a very successful year 2016 in the Senior School. Students were acknowledged by College Principals Mr Houghton and Ms Rahat for their overall academic achievements as well as endeavour in various subjects. The PE Department gave… Read more

    2016 Special End of Year Senior Assembly
  • Year 6 Transition Program

    8 December 2016

    Our current Year 6 students as well as newly enrolled students for Year 7 in 2017 explored the new world of Secondary School over the course of two days this week. The future Senior School students also greatly enjoyed spending time in a lab performing experiments. It is our primary focus to ensure our students moving into new classes to… Read more

    Year 6 Transition Program
  • Year 8 Excursion: Organ Pipes National Park

    17 November 2016

    In Humanities this year, the Year 8A and 8B classes have studied mountain building, including volcanic landscapes. Today, the Year 8’s visited the Organ Pipes National Park in Keilor North and were able to investigate some of the structures that were created by volcanic eruptions which occurred thousands of years ago. The students got to… Read more

    Year 8 Excursion: Organ Pipes National Park
  • Year 7 Excursion: Chinese Museum

    10 November 2016

    Today, both male and female Senior students from Year 7 went to the Chinese Museum. The museum is located in Melbourne’s China Town, near Little Bourke Street in Melbourne’s CBD. After studying Ancient Chinese history, it was great to be able to see so many amazing artefacts and find out some really interesting facts. The students also… Read more

    Year 7 Excursion: Chinese Museum
  • Year 10A Excursion: Wellbeing within our Local Community

    27 October 2016

    Our Senior girls from Year 10A carried out an excursion to various places in the local Epping and Wollert area yesterday. Students were working in groups to collect information about the different parts of Epping as well as Wollert. They will produce a report that describes the different levels of wellbeing and living conditions within… Read more

    Year 10A Excursion: Wellbeing within our Local Community
  • Year 7 Excursion to the VSSEC

    21 October 2016

    Our inspiring young scientists from Year 7 visited the Victorian Space Science and Education Centre SSEC at Strathmore College where they explored ideas about mini robots, worked on the statistics and pathways exploring their basics of movements. In the second session, the Year 7 boys and girls were very enthusiastic to learn about the… Read more

    Year 7 Excursion to the VSSEC
  • VCE Students Celebrated their Last Day at the College

    19 October 2016

    For the second time in the history of the College, we had to bid farewell to our departing students. Our Year 12 students celebrated their last official day at school on Friday, 14 October 2016. They had an opportunity to reflect on their experiences at the College and the teachers had the opportunity to reflect on the students. The day… Read more

    VCE Students Celebrated their Last Day at the College
  • East Preston Cup 2016

    7 September 2016

    2016 marked yet another memorable experience for both East Preston Islamic College and Al Siraat College. EPIC stole the show with 4 wins out of the 6 matches played in the competition. East Preston Islamic College played host yet again to the annual East Preston Cup. Now in its fourth consecutive year, students from Years 5 to 10, both… Read more

    East Preston Cup 2016
  • Year 9 and 10: "Go Girl, Go for IT" at Deakin University

    2 September 2016

    On the 16th August, the Year 9A and 10A girls participated in the Deakin University Information Technology and Engineering Expo. "Go Girl, Go for IT" is a free IT career showcase run by the Victorian ICT for Women network for all Secondary School Girls to hear about the incredible range of vocational avenues that are available in IT. "Go… Read more

    Year 9 and 10:
  • Year 10: Careers Expo

    2 September 2016

    On the 26th August, the Year 10 students attended the "Spot Jobs Careers Expo" help at the Melbourne Convention Centre. The "Spot Jobs Career Expo" is the largest and most comprehensive careers event in Victoria. This expo encompasses all career opportunities for employment and training in the trades, corporate and professional sectors… Read more

    Year 10: Careers Expo
  • Year 11: Chemistry and the Real World

    1 September 2016

    As part of the Year 11 Chemistry studies, our Senior students went out to Coburg Lake to do a water analysis test. Students collected water samples from different locations of the lake and tested the water quality. The outdoor practical investigation allowed students to discover some of the important roles Chemistry has in the environment… Read more

    Year 11: Chemistry and the Real World
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