Year 3: Twisted Science Excursion

29 July 2022
Year 3: Twisted Science Excursion

On Wednesday 27 July 2022, Year 3 students visited Twisted Science in Moorabbin for their Science excursion.

Students sat in a workshop where they had hands-on experiences with science experiments that stirred so much excitement in their discoveries. These experiments enriched their learning for their chemical and physical science topics in school. Through the experiments, they learnt the difference between chemical and physical changes. They were able to make predictions and hypothesis about their experiments with guidance from the lab facilitators.

In the play zones, the exhibits ignite their curiosity, creativity and stimulate learning through STEM powered fun. Students were seen designing and testing their own paper flying machines, race balls in and around tracks and tubes with air, beat each other in speed tests and pure bubble fun! Students were busy interacting with the exhibits, touching and exploring everything they see in a safe and fun environment.

Check all the fun photos here.

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