Get ready for our Fun Run and Sports Carnival on 21 March

9 March 2023
Get ready for our Fun Run and Sports Carnival on 21 March

Tuesday, 21st March is our annual School Fun Run & Sports Carnival Day. This is a major event, held to raise much needed money for our PE program.

  • Are you Fundraising?

Currently we’re still a long way from our goal, so we need everyone to pull together to help. The easiest way to help your child raise money is through online fundraising, where students raise an average of $120. Visit here to create a student profile page, then share your online fundraising link via SMS, Email and Social Media.

If you are currently fundraising, THANK YOU! We hope you will continue to share your link and fundraising for the school.

  • Competition Time!

Get ready for our complimentary canteen voucher! Any student who has created an online profile and raised at least $50 by next week will be in running to win! We’ll be drawing 2 names out of a hat next Friday, so make sure you’re sharing your link!

  • About the Day

The School Fun-Run is all about Fun! Your children will get to come on the day and run with their fellow classmates, friends and students... sometimes even the teachers get involved! This will be one of the most exciting days on our College’s calendar, with everyone’s participation the aim, so please make sure they attend on Sports Carnival Day and cheer the other kids on!

  • Prizes

On top of raising more money for the College, students who raise just $10 will be able to choose a prize! They can start ordering from Wednesday, 22nd March right through until the end of the school holidays. Remember, ordering online is the best way to ensure you get what you’d like, so please get online – even if all your money is raised cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child wear to the event?

Please send your child/children wearing their PE uniform, with added hijabs, caps, hats etc. in their house colour (ie blue, green, red or yellow).

Bring a change of clothes for your child to change into for the event that are sun safe, and that they can run around in.

Always remember to Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide!

What should my child bring to the event?

  • A Water Bottle
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
  • Sunglasses (if preferred).

What if my child has a medical condition? (e.g. Asthma etc.)

For asthmatic children, ensure they have their Ventolin/Asmol and Spacer on them or with a responsible person. As this is a running event, please notify the teachers on the day of any relevant medical conditions and any potential treatments they may need to know.

Thank you, good luck and happy fundraising!