Our Motto and Emblem

Updated April 2024

A Learning Community

At Al Siraat, we are more than a school. We are a community, that is always looking to learn and improve.

Al Siraat College is a co-educational, Foundation to Year 12 school for students from the Islamic faith.

We are an independent school established in 2009, situated in Epping and serving the needs of the growing Islamic community in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Starting with about 80 students in2009, the College has experienced significant growth since its inception with a current enrolment of just under 1,100 students in 2021. More than half of our students now reside in the immediate local area.

Our Emblem

Our emblem reflects the core elements that define Al Siraat College.

At the top of the emblem is a dome shape representing a masjid, which has a central place in Islam in not only connecting people to Allah but also a place where the community comes together in collective worship, which fosters a real sense of ‘brotherhood’. This is critical in the philosophy of Al Siraat College which sees itself as pivotal in bringing together a community and placing an importance on connecting together through faith, and at the same time recognising that each person comes with their own ‘journey’.

Inserted within this dome structure are the words Al Siraat written in Arabic calligraphy. Al Siraat means “the pathway” which is symbolic of the College providing pathways, whence a person can select the many ways of being positive contributors to our society whilst maintaining the pure Islamic ethos which bind us together in our faith. Hence the motto which often appears under this emblem is ‘Many Journeys … One Faith.