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  • Research Project: Get Involved

    1 August 2019

    You are invited to participate in a project about ‘Exploring Australian Muslim Education’ currently taking place at your children’s school. The aim of the study is to explore how and in what ways school leaders and teachers at the College influence the development of a unique Australian Muslim identity to foster respect for difference… Read more

    Research Project: Get Involved
  • Saturday Breakfast Buffets

    1 August 2019

    Our Al Siraat Kitchen continues serving our community with scrumptious breakfast buffets on Saturday mornings. A big thank you to all families who have already come by to support us and enjoy a delicious and plentiful breakfast of varied Aussie, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Asian and Subcontinental buffet options for a very affordable… Read more

    Saturday Breakfast Buffets
  • VCE Legal Studies Excursion

    23 July 2019

    Our Year 11 and 12 Legal Studies students ventured out into Melbourne City on Thursday 18th Melbourne to visit the Magistrates Court and Parliament House. At the Magistrates Court, students were excited to sit through a range of criminal hearings and experience first hand the court environment. This helped students to consolidate their… Read more

    VCE Legal Studies Excursion
  • Good Morning Tuesday’s Walking Program

    23 July 2019

    Our much loved before school Walking Program has recommenced on Tuesday, 16 July. Our aim is to keep students, parents and teachers active and bring our community together. What a great way to start Tuesday mornings together! Everybody is welcome to join in from 8am – 8:15am. See how many laps you can do around the sports field. Walk and… Read more

    Good Morning Tuesday’s Walking Program
  • CAMP Australia Welcome to Term 3

    19 July 2019

    Welcome back to Term 3. Can you believe how quickly this year has flown by? We are ready to kick start an even bigger and better second half of the year working within your school community. We know how busy yet fulfilling being a parent can be, and we want you to know we are here to help make your life a little easier. This Term, we will… Read more

    CAMP Australia Welcome to Term 3
  • Outdoor Assembly and Play

    17 July 2019

    Al Siraat College promotes time outdoors in all weather, aside from heavy rain and extremely windy conditions. This includes our Primary assembly from 8.20am until 8.30am each day, along with recess, lunchtimes and Physical Education lessons. According to the Department of Education & Training, spending time outdoors is great for your… Read more

    Outdoor Assembly and Play
  • Student Safety After Hours

    17 July 2019

    Al Siraat College is committed to the safety and provision of the highest quality of care for our students at all times. Once again, it has come to our attention that students are left at school for extended periods of time after the school day has finished. There are no staff on duty after 3.45pm, which leaves our students unsupervised… Read more

    Student Safety After Hours
  • New Menu Items From our Kitchen to Your Kitchen!

    12 July 2019

    Exciting news from our Al Siraat Kitchen previously known as the Canteen. In term 3 we are commencing some new items on our menu along with family size take home packs. FAMILY PACKS. - Cost: $30. - Order: Before 9.00am . - Phone number: 9407 7050. - Available: Hot Meal of the day. PIZZA & GRILL COMBO. - What: 1 large Pizza select vars… Read more

    New Menu Items From our Kitchen to Your Kitchen!
  • Apply NOW for Hifz 2020

    12 July 2019

    We would like to encourage all parents who are interested in having their child join our intensive HIFZ program in 2020 to hand in their "Expression of Interest for Hifz" application by the end of the second week of Term 3, ie. by Friday, 26 July 2019. This applies only for children currently enrolled in one of our Year 2 classes who… Read more

    Apply NOW for Hifz 2020
  • Before and After School Care from next Monday, 15 July

    12 July 2019

    As per your renewed request, Al Siraat will be offering Before And After School Care BAAS from this coming Monday, 15 July 2019 start of Term 3 onwards for very reasonable costs. Our BAASC provider will be the much experienced "Camp Australia" who have been looking after children in the crucial times before school, after school – and… Read more

    Before and After School Care from next Monday, 15 July
  • Martial Arts Workshop

    6 July 2019

    Instructors and Grand Master Jemal from the Olympic Martial Arts Centre OMAC visited the College in the last week of Term 2 to run a workshop on “Street Safety and Awareness”. We are grateful to the friendly and very knowledgeable team from OMAC for giving our students the opportunity to spread awareness on staying safe in the street and… Read more

    Martial Arts Workshop
  • School Reports SOON Available ONLINE

    28 June 2019

    As you might be aware, Al Siraat has shifted to paperless school reports for all our students since mid-2018 when we released our Semester 1 reports online for the first time. Your child/children’s Semester 1 reports for 2019 will become available ONLINE during the upcoming school holidays, inShaAllah. Please note that school reports will… Read more

    School Reports SOON Available ONLINE
  • Breakfast on Saturdays!

    26 June 2019

    Our Al Siraat Canteen has an exciting news announcement!. Buffet breakfast available every Saturday. When: Every Saturday. Time: 7am – 1pm. Where: TEAMS building. What: Buffet style – large variety of Subcontinental and Mediterranean items. Price: Only $13 per person, children under 5 years free. Come along and spend some quality… Read more

    Breakfast on Saturdays!
  • Late Student Pickup

    25 June 2019

    Al Siraat College is committed to acting in children’s best interests and keeping them safe from harm. We would like to inform our community that any student left behind outside the gates unattended or without parental supervision from 4pm, will be collected by our security guard and guided back inside the school premises. The school… Read more

    Late Student Pickup
  • Lost Property Access

    25 June 2019

    Our Lost Property has accumulated many items over the course of this term, including many new school uniform items as well as hats, bags and much more. As you are aware the lost property was situated in the Primary Building and then at the Reception, but now it has a new home. We have shifted the Lost Property to F Block which is behind… Read more

    Lost Property Access
  • Women of Faith Event

    20 June 2019

    The inaugural “Women of Faith – Contribution and Belonging” event, organised by the Whittlesea Interfaith Network and Al Siraat College, was held at the Council building on Saturday, 15 June 2019. An impressive lineup of guest speakers from all faith, including our own College students, shared their experiences of faith and inspiring… Read more

    Women of Faith Event
  • Indonesian Delegates Visit Junior School

    20 June 2019

    Five Indonesian delegates participating in the "Australia-Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program AIMEP" travelled to Al Siraat on Tuesday, 18 June 2019, to meet with our Junior School students and hear about their experiences as young Australian Muslims who attend "an Australian school in the Islamic tradition". After speaking with students… Read more

    Indonesian Delegates Visit Junior School
  • ASC Eid Festival and Celebration

    20 June 2019

    On Friday, 7 June 2019, Al Siraat had organised an Eid Festival for Primary students to celebrate Eid with their teachers and friends. It was beautiful and heart warming to see beautiful and happy smiles all around. The amusement rides and the sports activities played a vital role in the success of the event. Students had a lot of fun… Read more

    ASC Eid Festival and Celebration
  • AFL at Al Siraat: Final Round 6

    14 June 2019

    We concluded the SSV AFL Program last Friday and what a great season it has been for all the boys that participated throughout the program. The purpose of these programs are not only to develop the physical skills required in the game but to extend the development and learning in other key areas. The development of the social and… Read more

    AFL at Al Siraat: Final Round 6
  • Eid Greetings from our SRCs

    6 June 2019

    On behalf of our Student Representative Council, we would like to wish the entire Al Siraat community a very happy and blessed Eid Al-Fitr. May the blessings of Allah fill your life with happiness and open all the doors of success now and always. Eid Mubarak!. Eid Al-Fitr takes place when Ramadan finishes and the new Islamic month of… Read more

    Eid Greetings from our SRCs
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