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  • Islamic Storytime Excursion: Strawberry Farm

    30 November 2018

    This week, the mums & bubs group of 40 people had our very first community excursion to a strawberry farm and orchard in Bacchus Marsh. This Islamic Storytime Mums & Bubs Group initiative was proudly supported by the City of Whittlesea’s "Sustainability Outreach Whittlesea SOW", a City of Whittlesea initiative. The children got to watch a… Read more

    Islamic Storytime Excursion: Strawberry Farm
  • PES: Natural Home Cleaning Workshop

    30 November 2018

    This morning’s Parent Education Seminar PES on "Natural Home Cleaning" with health coach and healthy living advocate Derya Kucukali was truly inspiring. Derya encouraged ladies to be conscious of the health implications that have a direct, often scientifically proven, correlation with the cleaning products they use. She offered several… Read more

    PES: Natural Home Cleaning Workshop
  • Du'a in Times of Difficulty

    29 November 2018

    We all go through stressful times. What we need to remember is that difficulty and ease is all in Allah Ta’ala’s control. Our duty is to try our best and make du’a to Allah Ta’ala. This week’s du’a is for when we are facing difficulty. Please see link below which includes a sound file as well and PDF poster for printing. We should all… Read more

    Du'a in Times of Difficulty
  • Update On Driveway, Traffic and Junior Playground

    28 November 2018

    How quickly times passes – we are almost at the end of the 2018 year. I would like to take this opportunity to give you an update on some site matters. As you are aware, we have faced significant site challenges this year. This has included: - The construction of a major Melbourne Water Drainage asset through our site. - The ongoing… Read more

    Update On Driveway, Traffic and Junior Playground
  • Unsung Heroes Awards

    27 November 2018

    The College is delighted to announce that Mrs Sarah Wills who has been heading our Parent and Friends Forum PFF for many years, has made it to the Top 5 Finalists for this year’s "Unsung Heroes Award" in the ‘Support’ category. Voting closes on next Monday, 10 December!. Sr. Sarah’s nomination reads as follows: Sarah is the parent… Read more

    Unsung Heroes Awards
  • Pedestrian Gate Closure

    26 November 2018

    We would like to inform our community that the front pedestrian gate will remain CLOSED between 8:30am and 3:30pm and on Friday until 1:30pm. - The Pedestrian Gate opens at 7.50am. Any Hifz students arriving at the College earlier are encouraged to be dropped off in the main car park. - Any students arriving late at school continue to… Read more

    Pedestrian Gate Closure
  • Junior SRCs Feed the Homeless in November

    25 November 2018

    Our "Feed the homeless project" is usually being led by Senior SRCs. As the exam week approaches for the Senior School, feed the homeless project still continues. Junior SRCs took the initiative with few non SRC members to continue to serve the homeless for the evening. The boys brought with them fresh fruits, noodles, water bottles… Read more

    Junior SRCs Feed the Homeless in November
  • Year 5-6 Girls FUTSAL Tournament

    23 November 2018

    Our national women’s soccer team might be interested in signing up some of our own rising soccer star players for a future world cup. Our Al Siraat Year 5-6 girls team performed a great task of scoring many goals and playing with great sportsmanship against the other Islamic schools in Victoria. Every member of the team who played on the… Read more

    Year 5-6 Girls FUTSAL Tournament
  • Years 5-6 Boys FUTSAL Tournament

    23 November 2018

    The ISSAV Islamic Schools Sports Association Victoria is an annual event where students from all Islamic schools in Victoria are invited to compete in a professional sport competition of FUTSAL and basketball. The selected students from our Year 5-6 cohert trained during their lunchtimes to prepare for the competition. The boys… Read more

    Years 5-6 Boys FUTSAL Tournament
  • Mitch Ditkoff’s Blog Entry about Al Siraat

    22 November 2018

    Mr Mitch Ditkoff from the US posted a short article on Al Siraat on his blog called "The Heart of Innovation" which we would like to share with our community. You might remember Mitch working with our teaching staff earlier this year and in 2017. He also ran a very popular juggling class for students after school. To read Mitch’s Blog… Read more

    Mitch Ditkoff’s Blog Entry about Al Siraat
  • Tuesdays: Good Morning Fitness Program

    21 November 2018

    Al Siraat has started a trend in getting students, parents and even teachers on board with a "Good Morning Fitness Program". The program will continue until the end of this term and runs every Tuesday from 8am until 8:15am at the Sports Oval on side. The options the participant can choose from are: - casual walk and talk. - Brisk… Read more

    Tuesdays: Good Morning Fitness Program
  • Urgent: School Family Lost House in Fire

    21 November 2018

    URGENT ACTION NEEDED: We have had devastating news that the Habeeb Family have lost their home and belongings in a house fire on Monday, 19 November. We are currently seeking funds to help them get back on their feet financially as well as with clothes and a few comfort items. Little Zunairah is from Year 2B. As you can imagine, this will… Read more

    Urgent: School Family Lost House in Fire
  • Pizza with the Principal

    21 November 2018

    On Wednesday, 21 November some students were invited to attend a special lunch – ‘Pizza with the Principal’. The students were chosen because of their beautiful qualities and character when interacting with peers and staff at school. Each student also had the privilege of bringing along one special guest, a friend or parent. Ms Rahat and… Read more

    Pizza with the Principal
  • SRC Feed the Homeless Project

    20 November 2018

    In the evening of Sunday, 11 November 2018, members of our Student Reprentative Council SRC and five other Secondary students joined in to feed the homeless in the city as an ongoing project. . Alhamdulillah, the experience, once again, was terrific. We had chicken wraps and chips on the menu that night. The beautiful evening was… Read more

    SRC Feed the Homeless Project
  • Ride2School Program

    19 November 2018

    As the weather is beginning to warm up, walking and riding is a great way to keep active and fit over the summer. Every day when I ride school I see many more students walking and riding to Al Siraat which is a great opportunity for students to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Well done to all the students making the effort to incorporate a… Read more

    Ride2School Program
  • Girls Soccer Club: "Whittlesea Girls Can" Campaign

    16 November 2018

    This month, 13 of our Year 3 students were interviewed by the City of Whittlesea’s Youth Development Officer, Ms JasmineOuaida, for establishing a lunchtime Girls Soccer Club. The City of Whittlesea is currently running the WhittleseaGirlsCan campaign to encourage greater participation of women and girls in sports and recreation in the… Read more

    Girls Soccer Club:
  • Pedestrian Safety

    15 November 2018

    We would like to remind our school community of parents, staff and students that pedestrian and road safety for kids are a SHARED RESPONSIBILITY. Parents need to ensure that their child/children reach the school grounds safely. Until the age of 10-11 years, children need active adult supervision to help them navigate driveways, cars… Read more

    Pedestrian Safety
  • Al Siraat Running Club

    13 November 2018

    Al Siraat is inviting parents, students and staff to join our Free Running Club to improve your fitness. Running Club. - Who? Students, parents and staff of any ages. - When? Every Tuesday morning for the rest of this term. - Where? College sports field, area 1. - Time? 8am – 8.15am. Be there or be square. Challenge yourself: How many… Read more

    Al Siraat Running Club
  • Animates Project Launched

    13 November 2018

    A selected number of our Year 9 students, together with students from Epping-based St. Monica’s College celebrated the much awaited launch of the "Animates" project. Following 11 weeks of collaboration facilitated by North Melbourne’s "The Huddle" and with the support of the City of Whittlesea, students were able to develop two animations… Read more

    Animates Project Launched
  • Cancer Kids Fundraiser Update

    12 November 2018

    The 2018 Great Cycle Challenge has officially come to an end on 31 October, and Team Al Siraat would like to give you an update on our fundraising efforts: Our cycling team has raised the incredible amount of $$4,006.23 during this October – all thanks to our charitable Al Siraat community. This month of cycling and fundraising has made a… Read more

    Cancer Kids Fundraiser Update
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