Hifz Program (Years 3 – 6)

Updated February 2023

At Al Siraat College, we value our intensive Hifz program (Qur'an Memorisation) highly.

This is shown by our commitment to recruiting specialist Hufaaz who are dedicated in progressing their students through an intensive and rigorous program of studies. Other specialist teachers are available to ensure that students are able to concurrently achieve the outcomes of the Australian curriculum.

The criteria to get into one of the Hifz classes is based upon the student having a successful academic record for mainstream subjects, being proficient in the reading of Quran, and demonstrating mastery of memorisation of Juz 30. An assessment is conducted by one of our Hifz teachers and after a two week trial period (depending on availability at the time of application), a decision is made about the enrolment into this special program.

As class sizes are limited to 10 students per teacher, the competition to get into one of these classes is high. At present, the program is only offered for students in Years 3 to 6.

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