Inquiry Learning in Years 3 to 6

Updated July 2015

Year 3

In Semester One, students explored the Unit of Inquiry ‘Human Systems’ and developed an understanding of how our body works and gained an awareness of our health. Students also learned about safety and healthy practices. They have gained awareness that humans have common bonds with other life on earth, their health depends on the choices people make and they are interdependent on the community support system. In the Term Two Unit of Inquiry ‘Changes’, students focused on developing an understanding of the change they observed in the states of matter caused by other agents. They made formal measurements and followed procedures to collect and present observations in various ways that provide answers to their investigations.

Year 4

As part of our Unit of Inquiry on ‘3R’s’, students investigated the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. Students identified ways to promote a better approach to sustainability. Students learnt that waste sustainability is crucial to our Earth’s future. Students identified ways of becoming more responsible global citizens and how action plays a vital role in sustaining a better environment for the future. In Term Two, our Unit of Inquiry on ‘Energy’, allowed students to investigate the origins of energies by looking at renewable and non-renewable sources. Students studied the use of energy and the impact it has on the environment and society. Students identified our roles as consumers and conservers of energy. Students also had the opportunity to investigate through experimentation of how energy is produced and changed.

Year 5

In Term One, students explored our Unit of Inquiry on “Feed the World”. Students investigated that hunger and food availability are major issues in many areas of the world. They explored the importance of daily activities that linked to the basic nutrients and their effects on the body. In Term Two, the Unit of Inquiry focused on “Climate Change”. It allowed students to discover how our own energy use takes a toll on our environment. Students explored various ways they can help reduce the impact of climate change on our environment.

Year 6

As part of the Unit of Inquiry on “ Who are the Heroes?”, students had investigated and reflected on how valuing diversity positively influences the wellbeing of the community. They recognised how media and important people in the community influences personal attitudes, beliefs, decisions and behaviours. They explored that heroes are ordinary people with outstanding achievements. In Term Two, our Unit of Inquiry on “Endangered Animals”, students had investigated the reasons why animals become vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered and extinct. They had explored the importance of organisations that protect our animals and natural environment.