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  • Secondary Student Leaders Announced

    11 May 2023

    Our Student Representative Council SRC is delighted to announce the appointment of the newly selected Secondary School student leaders for 2023. The selection process was highly competitive, and we were impressed with many talented students who demonstrated their leadership potential. We extend our congratulations to the following student… Read more

    Secondary Student Leaders Announced
  • Year 11 and 12 Boys Soccer Tournament

    10 May 2023

    Our ASC Senior Boys Year 11 & 12 soccer team competed in a round-robin tournament held at CB Smith Reserve, which is located at John Fawkner College, on last week’s Thursday, 4th May 2023. The team had a mixed day of results, winning their first match against Glenroy College with a score of 2 – 0. However, they suffered defeats in their… Read more

    Year 11 and 12 Boys Soccer Tournament
  • Islamic Storytime: Feedback Survey

    10 May 2023

    Has your child participated in our Islamic Storytime program? Your feedback is very valuable and will help us in facilitating more Islamic programs for little Muslims. Please complete the survey below if any of your child/children have participated in the Islamic Storytime program since 2018. Access the Islamic Storytime Survey… Read more

    Islamic Storytime: Feedback Survey
  • Year 10 Boys: Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup

    10 May 2023

    Congratulations to Al Siraat’s Year 10 Boys Division 2 volleyball team on their impressive performance at the Annual Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup at the State Volleyball Centre in Dandenong! Winning against Maffra Secondary College and Northcote High School is no small feat, and it was great to see that the team was able to do so… Read more

    Year 10 Boys: Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup
  • Focus of the Week: Late arrival to school

    10 May 2023

    Arriving to school on time is important for several reasons. When students arrive on time to school, they are relaxed and ready to learn. When students arrive late to school, they are rushed and often stressed, which causes them anxiety. Arriving to class late means they also interrupt other students, and the learning for your child and… Read more

    Focus of the Week: Late arrival to school
  • Ramadan Challenge Achievement Celebration

    5 May 2023

    As an Australian school in the Islamic tradition where we hold our religion, values and manners akhlaq most dear, it was amazing to see just how many students from Foundation to Year 6 exerted so much effort in their Ramadan Challenge this year. Not only was a winning class from each Primary year level celebrated, individual students were… Read more

    Ramadan Challenge Achievement Celebration
  • Ramadan Challenge in Foundation

    4 May 2023

    MashaAllah, our Foundation students were up for the Ramadan Challenge to receive and spread the blessings of Ramadan. They were able to multiply the blessings for this Ramadan month with these fun and rewarding good deed challenges. Just look at the amazing photos. Each day revealed a new spiritual activity that allowed students to… Read more

    Ramadan Challenge in Foundation
  • SSV Term 2, Week 2 Update

    4 May 2023

    Now that Term 2 has commenced, our Year 6 students had their first taste of competition as part of the School Sports Victoria SSV Round 2 matches in the three different sport disciplines of AFL, Netball and European Handball. It was great to see our students competing and learning about sportspersonship, teamwork and interacting with… Read more

    SSV Term 2, Week 2 Update
  • Ladies Golf Program has restarted

    4 May 2023

    Our first session of our popular "Ladies Golf Program" for the year started at The Growling Frog Golf Course in Yan Yean this week. These sessions are hosted by a professional female golf instructor and will continue for the next 6 weeks, every Thursday morning from 9am to 10am. The Ladies Golf Program is proudly supported by City of… Read more

    Ladies Golf Program has restarted
  • Congratulations to our ILM High Achievers

    4 May 2023

    Our ILM Program students have been working very hard throughout Term 1, coming to school on Saturdays and attending one week of extra classes during the holidays in preparation for their assessments. MashaAllah, their hard work, time, effort and focus has paid off, and students have been achieving excellent results! Sheikh Waseem… Read more

    Congratulations to our ILM High Achievers
  • Focus of the Week: Parent Portal

    3 May 2023

    The Parent Portal is a very useful tool, and a site parents will visit frequently. Here you can view your account, pay fees, check your details and request updates to them using the appropriate menu across the top. The following is available on the Parent Portal: . - Book parent/teacher interviews . - Find Zoom links for parent/teacher… Read more

    Focus of the Week: Parent Portal
  • New baby goats born to our ASC Farm

    3 May 2023

    🤎🤍🐐 Welcome to the world 🐐🤍🤎. We have had FIVE super cute baby goats born at our ASC Farm this week: The two sets of twins, their newborn friend from this morning and their moms are all healthy and doing very well. Did you know that a baby goat is called a kid?! A group of kids is called a tribe or herd of kids. Goats are born fully… Read more

    New baby goats born to our ASC Farm
  • Primary in-class Eid celebrations

    28 April 2023

    As part of infusing Islam in teaching and learning, and day to day interactions, our Primary students were treated to some in-class Eid celebrations this week where students and staff brought in sweets, fruits and desserts from home to share with each other in class. Our students' beaming faces show their joy and excitement about this… Read more

    Primary in-class Eid celebrations
  • Embracing Diversity: Cultural Hi-Tea Celebration

    27 April 2023

    The Student Representative Council SRC and our Year 12 cohort organized a Cultural Hi-Tea event for Year 12 students and Secondary staff prior to the commencement of Ramadan. The event aimed to celebrate the diversity of cultures within the school community and promote intercultural understanding and appreciation. The atmosphere was… Read more

    Embracing Diversity: Cultural Hi-Tea Celebration
  • ASC Educator Mini-Conference

    27 April 2023

    We held our second annual "Even Better Educator Mini-Conference" for staff on Wednesday, 5th April 2023 during the blessed month of Ramadan. We took this opportunity to design a faith-centric theme focusing on developing and strengthening connections with colleagues and increasing the understanding of our Deen. The day commenced with a… Read more

    ASC Educator Mini-Conference
  • Harmony Day Lunch at Mill Park Police Station

    26 April 2023

    Our Year 12 Senior boys were invited to Mill Park Police Station for a Harmony Day lunch before Ramadan where they had the chance to connect with community leaders and police officers. The boys brought traditional plates of food to share, creating a meaningful exchange of cultures. Senior Sergeant David Choueiri and Ansam Sadik from Mill… Read more

    Harmony Day Lunch at Mill Park Police Station
  • Al Siraat Go Girls Football Program

    26 April 2023

    We are excited to announce that Whittelsea Ranges FC and the Go Girls Program have partnered up with Al Siraat to organise a free soccer program for all Secondary girls. Every Secondary girl is welcome to join. If you are interested in attending this program, please access the link or use the QR code to register!!! . The program will be… Read more

    Al Siraat Go Girls Football Program
  • Secondary After School Arduino Robotics Club

    26 April 2023

    In this After School Robotics Club, Secondary students in Year 7 to 10 will gain skills and understanding working with Arduino, including coding loops, variables, IF statements, lists, operators and much more in a simplified version of C++. Students will design, build and program a robotic vehicle with artificial intelligence to achieve… Read more

    Secondary After School Arduino Robotics Club
  • Equestrian Lessons for Year 5 students from Term 2

    24 April 2023

    Great news for all of our Year 5 students: Commencing in Term 2, students will be taking horse riding lessons during their school day. The new program will replace students' regular PE lessons and Co-Curricular session for the duration of one term per year. Experienced Equestrian Coach Ms Adrienne McMahon will continue to guide both… Read more

    Equestrian Lessons for Year 5 students from Term 2
  • 24 April 2023: Parent Teacher Interviews

    24 April 2023

    Term 2 Parent Teacher Interviews are being held online via ZOOM THIS MONDAY, 24 April. Due to this, no classes will be running on the day. Please ensure you have organised to meet up with your child/children’s teachers through the parent portal. If you need any help on how to book, please click here for… Read more

    24 April 2023: Parent Teacher Interviews
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