29 March 2020

Updated March 2020

Since the end of Term 1 this year, we have done our best to keep you informed of our actions to proactively manage the impact of the coronavirus (COVID–19) at Al Siraat College. I am relieved to say that to-date, the College has not had any confirmed cases of COVID–19.

Whilst we are in challenging times, we are committed to ensuring that learning continues. Mufti Aasim shared some inspiring stories of how teaching and learning continued in the Islamic Tradition during difficult times. I encourage you to click here to listen to his talk and draw inspiration from the two key stories that are discussed.

Our staff have been working intensely over the past week on developing our Online Learning Program that will provide distance learning during these uncertain times. We have chosen systems and learning platforms that are simple to use, allow for engagement, creativity and flexibility. Our Online Learning Program will be using the following learning platforms:

1. Google Classroom: To provide course material, content and resources.

2. Showbie: For assessment and feedback.

3. Zoom: For live streaming of classes, smaller group activities and individual support.

4. Class Dojo (Primary Years only): For communication and sharing of classroom activities as per current practises.


Until further notice, all teaching and learning will now be through our Online Learning Program. This means that until we advise further, no classes will be held on campus.

Here are some answers to the questions you may have:

  • When will learning re-commence?

We are making all efforts to re-commence classes on Thursday, 16th April via our Online Learning Program. This date may be adjusted in case we need more time to prepare for our online learning transition. We will confirm the re-commencement date prior to the end of the school holidays. Please note that VCE catch up classes will be commencing as scheduled from Monday 30th March.

  • The Victorian Government has not made any school closure announcement for Term 2. How does this affect Al Siraat?

Whilst the government has not made any announcement in relation to school closures for Term 2, we know that the vast majority of parents will not be sending their students to school in light of the current social distancing requirements. To provide certainty, we are making the decision that Al Siraat campus will be closed for on-site learning until further notice.

  • Can I still pick up my child’s books and resources?

The College site will be accessible for parents to pick up their child’s books, resources or to access on-site IT support during limited hours. The office will send out information in relation to these access times.

  • How do I and my children access the new learning platforms?

We will be providing students and parents detailed information on setting up and using these learning platforms. This information will be provided prior to the commencement of Term 2 (scheduled for 16th April).

  • What will I need to provide my child when they are learning from home?

Parents, and the home environment will play a critical role in the success of our Online Learning Program. The College is preparing videos and documentation that will explain what we will need (including devices, email, internet connection etc) from you to make this work. In addition, we will be holding a virtual parent information session to provide you with information on supporting your child in a distant learning environment. We will let you know of the date and time of this session.

  • What about fees?

We understand that parents may be going through a difficult financial situation. We are a strong community and need to help each other through such difficult times. If you are experiencing financial hardship and are unable to pay fees, please contact us. It important that we hear from you, so that we can responsibly budget and maintain operations during this time.

  • How do we maintain our sense of community?

It is important that we maintain our Islamic Tradition and our strong sense of community during this time. We are looking to see how we can maintain our morning Primary school assembly, salaah program including the talk, weekly Islamic advices (normally delivered through our Juma program, and a learning program for dua’s.

  • I still have unanswered questions

Please send any further questions or queries to cc@alsiraat.vic.edu.au. We will provide community updates in relation to common questions that you may have.

Jazakallah khair for your patience and understanding. We are grateful for the support we have received from our community.